There are no quotas on the Data Archive. The system has three Petabytes of storage (around three million gigabytes). If you have datasets at the petabyte level contact us via the UNSW IT Service Centre (9385 1333), but otherwise we have not set limits on the amount of research data you can upload to the Archive.


If you are uploading over 1000 files or over 30 gigabytes we recommend using the SFTP interface (see the SFTP client guide)


Help and further information:

  • To learn more about the Data Archive:
  • To access the Data Archive Web application, use this link, or, go to the Home page for other access options
  • To create, or update, a Research Data Management Plan go to the ResData service
  • Note: the Data Archive service is also available over SFTP, see the SFTP client guide for more information