UNSW staff are required to comply with the UNSW Record keeping Policy and the requirements for record retention as provided by the NSW State Records Authority.

These requirements include those of GA45, Original or Source Records that have been copied.

Before the destruction of digitised paper records, care should be taken to ensure that:

  • authentic, complete and accessible copies of the records are made
  • the copies become the official record of the business of the agency and are kept in accordance with authorised retention requirements, and
  • the original, or source records, are kept for quality control purposes for an appropriate length of time after copying.

Once original data has been digitised and captured in accordance with these requirements, the scanned records become the ‘original’ and must be maintained as such.

Further information on the retention requirements relating to records of research can be located here: https://www.recordkeeping.unsw.edu.au/documents/Retentionperiodsforrecordsrelatingtoresearch.pdf

The UNSW Records and Archives Office can also be contacted for advice on any records related issues.


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