If the Security Redirect window displays when you open the UNSW Data Archive using the Java applet web-based user interface and you have installed both Java and Firefox or Safari,

ignore the Security Redirect window and take the following steps to enable Java in the Firefox browser:

  • In the Firefox address bar, double click on the shield icon:

  • Click on the Options drop down and select Disable Protection for now:

  • A window will appear prompting you to Leave Page or Stay on Page; click on Leave Page and the Data Archive application will logout and the Data Archive login page will reload

  • Login to the Java applet web-based user interface using your zID (for User:) and zPass (for Password:)

  • The Data Archive Java Applet web-based user interface will reload with protection disabled

  • dti will now be active


See the Java applet guide for further information and other troubleshooting ideas.

Note: Java is not required when you use the Web application. For further information on using the Web application see the Web application guide.


Help and further information:

  • To learn more about the Data Archive:
  • To access the Data Archive Web application, use this link, or, go to the Home page for other access options
  • To access the Data Archive using the Java applet web-based user interface, use this link. For more information, see the Java applet guide
  • To create, or update, a Research Data Management Plan go to the ResData service
  • Note: the Data Archive service is also available over SFTP, see the SFTP client guide for more information