See also: What are the Australian Research Council (ARC) requirements?

All UNSW researchers have access to ResData to create and register a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP). The RDMP is integrated with the UNSW Data Archive - you must have a RDMP to obtain a storage allocation in the UNSW Data Archive. Datasets can be made discoverable by registering them in Research Data Australia through ResData.

Researchers are also strongly encouraged to plan for their project data to be deposited in discipline-specific repositories where these are available. See Where can I share and find research data? for more information.

So as a minimum, you can include statements such as:

  • “UNSW has implemented a data storage solution for every stage in the life cycle of a research project.”
  • "The UNSW Data Archive will be used to store the data for this project for at least 7 years"
  • “The data management plan for the project will be established using UNSW’s ResData portal. “
  • “Data will be archived using UNSW’s Data Archive (or other archive mechanism as applicable).”
  • “Data will made discoverable by registration on Research Data Australia (and/or discipline-specific registries where applicable).”

 An example of a full statement on using the Data Archive could be:


"Access to data files will be password protected, with access restricted to project personnel. The UNSW servers are located in a secure data-centre, whereby physical access requires a swipe card or specially keyed master code. Swipe access is restricted to IT staff who have a need to access these rooms, and are encoded for access by security personnel. The room is protected by double-door airlock system, with both sets of doors independently secured. Console access to servers is password protected and requires VPN software with 2 factor authentication. Passwords for remote access to servers are required to be highly complex, and are expire every 6 months. Offsite tape storage is managed by reputable tape management companies."


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