In alignment with existing research storage practice, HDR candidates, who have a Research Data Management Plan (RDMP) and who have selected storage in the Data Archive, have access to two folders (Private and Shared) inside the Data Archive.

  • Data in the Private folder is for the storage of data specific to yourself (e.g. data that is not yet in a state to be shared). Only the RDMP nominated HDR candidate (the plan owner) can access the content of their Private folder in the Data Archive.
  • Data in the Shared folder is for data to be shared with your supervisor and other UNSW personnel you have added to your plan. Personnel identified in your RDMP will have the access level (Reader or Contributor) you have selected.

For more information, see the How do I add / remove / update team member access in the Data Archive?, How can I share my data with other researchers? FAQs and the Research team member identification section of the RDMP and the Data Archive page.

Help and further information:

  • To learn more about the Data Archive:
  • To access the Data Archive Web application, use this link, or, go to the Home page for other access options
  • To create, or update, a Research Data Management Plan go to the ResData service
  • Note: the Data Archive service is also available over SFTP, see the SFTP client guide for more information