Some funding bodies, ethics boards and data owners require that you nominate where your data is located. The following are some statements and information that you can use if you are asked this sort of question:

Server name: UNSW Data Archive

Where the server is located: The NSW Government "GovDC" data centre in Silverwater

Who has access: Physical access is restricted UNSW Data Centre operators. remote access is restricted to the users nominated by the Chief Investigator of the project. For more information see the GovDC website

How the access is restricted: Access to data files will be password protected, with access restricted to project personnel. The UNSW servers are located in a secure data-centre, whereby physical access requires a swipe card or specially keyed master code. Swipe access is restricted to IT staff who have a need to access these rooms, and are encoded for access by security personnel. The room is protected by double-door airlock system, with both sets of doors independently secured. Console access to servers is password protected and requires VPN software with 2 factor authentication. Passwords for remote access to servers are required to be highly complex, and are expire every 6 months. Offsite tape storage is managed by reputable tape management companies.

Help and further information: